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This blog is a Role Play blog for the Marvel universe. Characters may both be Cannon or original.
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Steam Punk X Men by Arturo Aguirre

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*All Characters listed below are open, please if interested in joining, follow the link below!* 

The X-Men:

  • Sean Cassidy
  • Alexander Summers
  • Ororo Iqadi T’Challa-Wakandas
  • Jean Grey
  • Scott Summers
  • Warren Kenneth Worthington III
  • Piotr Nikolaievitch “Peter” Rasputin 

The Brotherhood

  • Erik Lehnsher
  • Raven Darkhölme
  • Victor Creed
  • John Allerdyce
  • Mortimer Toynbee
  • Emma Frost
  • Janos Quested
  • Dominikos Petrakis
  • Azazel

S.H.I.E.L.D. Members

  • Nick Fury
  • Captain America
  • Tony Stark
  • Black Widow
  • Hulk

All Characters really for S.H.I.E.L.D. are open!

Click here if you are interested in filling any of these roles.

*This isn’t just an X-Men Role Play, any character from Marvel is welcomed.

We have recently made a Chatzy chat room so that everyone could talk and make use of the features and not have to download anything. is the link and ‘laststand’ is the password.

Full Name: Cain Marko
Nicknames: Juggernaut
Age: Uknown
Birthdate: Unknown

General Appearance Description: 9’ 5” and wrapped in a mysterical armor made from the gem of cyttorak
Face claim: Vinnie Jones

Short description their power(s): Superhuman strength and Stamina, Rampant charge, Regenerative Healing Factor, Force Field, and the list goes on

Likes: (just a short list. Keep it to five, please) 

-Working on his own sometimes

-His Helmet

-The Heros
-His Stepbrother
-Police officers
-Being Beaten in a fight

Strengths: (3)
-Invulnerable to almost all attacks
-Super strength
-Can charge through buildings

Weaknesses: (3)
-Mental attacks
-Mystical attacks

Fears: (3) 

A brief description of their personality: Rough and tough, don’t screw with me attitude

Family:Stepbrother, Charles Xavier

Role play sample (long form, please):
Juggernaut decided to go out for a little destruction and mayhem. He pressed the PA button, “I want this place on lockdown until I get back.” he headed out the door of the lobby and watched as all the guys went to their proper positions. He headed down the street throwing his usual cars and running through buildings, he heard a gunshot in the distance and decided to go check it out. He came upon a store and saw Harley inside, he was going to say something to her but instead decided to surprise her. “You might want to do what she says or you’ll have to deal with both of us.” he called out as he walked through the door. 
Your name/personal tumblr: Matthew Discawicz
Experience:a few months

There has been a new rule added to the RP:

No major storylines are to be started without Admin approval and brought to the attention of the group

Thank you, this will help keep the RP from being stuck for a week like before.




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Phoenix, by Mikael Bourgouin


Phoenix, by Mikael Bourgouin

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hisako transformation p1

hisako transformation p1

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